A unique interview with Mitch Rilett

An unique interview with Mitch Rilett, friend and permanent sitter of physical medium David Thompsons home circle for many years. 

In the picture: The Silvercord-circle 2006.

Name: Mitch Rilett
Born: Adelaide, Australia 1962
Member of The Silvercord Circle aka The Circle 2006-2008

Question: Mitch, for how many years were you a permanent member/sitter in COSC?

Answer: Almost 3 years from early 2006

Q: How did you get there? Who did you know?

A: Like many questions about ‘how’, it can be hard to fathom. An acquaintance of mine thought I might be interested in producing a documentary on David Thompson and took me to a mental mediumship night he was headlining. I’d never heard of him and certainly knew nothing of Physcial Mediumship. I’m a skeptic, but like to think I am open minded.

I was late and consequently placed to the back of the room and didn’t really get much information or witness anything I considered too special. At the end of the session, the psychic artists who’d been quietly scribbling away in the corner, produced their portraits. The reactions from many in the audience was of genuine shock. Loved ones had been present in spirit and imprinted their image in the minds of the artists. This caught my attention.

I met with and talked to David later over a coffee. We didn’t really ‘hit it off’ to be honest and went our separate ways. After meeting a few times socially, we slowly developed a mutual respect and friendship. One evening, David felt the call to go into trance, with just me and our friend present. That was my first introduction to William as he revealed just how much he knew of my life and invited me to become a member of what was then still the UK Haymist Circle, looking to reform in Australia.

Q: What was your background in Spirituality and Mediumship until that point?

A: Spirituality is such an overused word in my opinion. I had no knowledge or experience of mediumship and did not belong to any spiritualist movement or church. If Spirituality means being the best person I knew how and ‘acting’ in a spiritual manner towards other people then, I tried … and I failed … but I kept trying.

Q: What was your reaction when you had your first observations of the Physical phenomena trough David Thompson?

A: Amazement. Disbelief. Numerous, short, intense sanity checks. I didn’t spend too much time analyzing what tricks could have been used to bring about what I was witnessing. It was obvious there was no possibility of fraud.

Strangely though, I did not feel frightened. Sitting in a sealed, dark room with ‘ghosts’ touching me, talking to me and objects flying around my head at break-neck speed and; not feeling concerned or scared? That’s what amazed me as much as anything else. I reflect with amusement on the drive home hours after. The self-talk of just how impossible what I experienced was and therefore couldn’t really have happened. Programmed doubts and cynicism are powerful. I often wonder how I could possibly convince anyone who has not attended a physical medium circle of its authenticity when even I harboured doubt only hours afterwards.

Q: In your understanding – Who are these Spirit entities? What are they? Where do the come from?

A: Who: I received no solid proof that any spirit person who came through the COSC was who they said they were. Those who were ‘ordinary’ folk in human form were almost impossible to research and those who were famous provided proof through easily obtainable information, or, if personal, information that was impossible to confirm or refute.

What: These entities are the spirit bodies, souls, higher selves (whatever name one likes to apply) of those who once lived on this earth. They are energy attempting to increase their vibration through service to mankind and God.

Where: As most who have had any spiritual training / experience know; there is no ‘where’ as such. Their ‘home’ is not a place. My human mind is incapable of grasping how there could be no location for anything, but my understanding is they are exactly ‘where’ we are; only operating at a higher energy vibration.

Over the time, those of varying vibration came through to communicate in the circle and I can confirm, I could without doubt sense those who were at a higher level of vibration. There is much written about spheres and soul levels, parallel universes, string theory etc etc, but that’s not important to me.

There was considerable information given about the 3rd level, or transit level. This seemed to almost be a 1st stop ‘area’ for those who have the vibrations needed to exist at higher levels. Those who had lower vibrations would simply ‘appear’ at level 1 or 2 as it is a spiritual law that one cannot exist or travel to levels higher than their particular vibration allows. Those who communicated with us can visit at this low energy vibration but they find it difficult and cannot stay for too long. So in short I’d say those in spirit exist ‘next’ to us but at a vibration we are unable to perceive unless we have raised our own vibrations to a sufficient level to sense them.

General: It is extremely difficult to explain what most would consider inexplicable. Much of what I know and am convinced of came to me through feelings. A ‘knowing’ that is unmistakable.

Some of those spirit people who came through did not convince me of their message nor identity. In fact I found a few to be boorish and even arrogant. But many more needed no explaining or ‘proof’ as I strongly sensed their authenticity and love. I was always told I’d been granted free will to decide and conclude what I would.

All of this only increased the understanding that when we pass onto spirit, we’re not suddenly armed with an ‘all-knowing’ and in fact are still saddled with the personalities and defects we exhibited in the physical world. The only advantage seems to be a greater awareness of one’s faults and assets and an inability to ‘hide’ the real us. Our every thought and deed are ‘on display’ and so perhaps our willingness to change is enhanced or becomes more urgent. This is very general however, as it was explained that even when some pass over and the full extent of their lives revealed to them, there can still be refusal to change or sway from incorrect beliefs.

Q: In terms of an overall message to the world, what kind of spiritual messages are the spirits passing on during the seances?

A: The messages are simple:
Faith in (or at least an open mind) of an afterlife existence will do much to ensure a smoother transition to spirit. That belief counts for little if anything. Only actions and thoughts matter.

We are energy and the vibration at which we operate depends solely on the loving service we do others. The earth as a whole has a vibrational energy and it is affected by our collective actions and thoughts.

The increase in violence, war and environmental destruction has decreased this planets vibration alarmingly and in fact created a wider gulf between us and those in spirit.

Don’t judge others or yourself.
There is no judgment in the afterlife.
Know that all happiness and peace can only come from within. Joys found from other people, places and things are only temporary at best and lead only to dissatisfaction and deepened unhappiness.

Q: Please describe a couple of incidents from the COSC-seances you always will carry in your heart:

A: I had a birthday whilst stand-in Circle leader for a ‘tour’ in New Zealand. I hadn’t talked about the birthday at all. I’m not really a ‘birthday person’. Quite unexpectedly and ‘off subject’, a regular spirit helper with the COSC, Timothy, announced my birthday and heart-felt compliments from those who knew me in spirit. Louis Armstrong then materialized and sang a beautiful version of the Happy Birthday song. The feelings of love from them and the those of gratitude from myself were overwhelming and I found tears of joy streaming from my eyes. Mahatma Gandhi also visited (an umistakably high vibration) and informed myself and another person we were ‘like-souls’ to himself. Whilst my low-self esteem battled to believe this, the feeling was amazing and much appreciated.

There were many experiences I shall always remember and that were special. But I guess what I always cherish are memories of those who came to the circle as visitors. Their reactions, emotions, amazement and joy following proof that life goes on is something that cannot be faked or replicated. Their awakening to the truth and the changes it brought to their lives, is what stays with me most.

Thanks for the opportunity to re-live those years.

Mitch Rilett

Thank you Mitch, I will never forget those Life-changing weeks with you and The Circle in Sydney, October 2006.

Camilla Elfving (ex. Persson)

For more information about Physical medium David Thompson and his Circle please visit http://circleofthesilvercord.net/