Rosalind Mc Knight
Soul Journeys: My guided Tours through the Afterlife

Rosalind Mc Knight
Cosmic Journey

Annie Besant
Esoteric Christianity, or the lesser mysteries

Alice A Bailey
The Consciousness of the Atom

Alice A Bailey
Soul and its Mechanism

Key to the Secret worlds

Charles F Haanel
The Master Key System

Robert Bruce
Astral Dynamics

The Astral Plane, Its scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena
Charles W Leadbeater

Teachings of Silver Birch
A.W. Austen

The Seed of Truth
Silver Birch

A Lawyer presents the case for the Afterlife
Victor Zammit

James van Praagh
Talking to Heaven – A mediums message of Life after Death

Arthur Findlay
On the edge of the Etheric